Erskine Creek - Glenbrook

This walks has been classified as difficult on, the pass is not marked for most of the track so good navigation skills are necessary, also there is steep rock scrambling ascent from creek towards to Pisgah Rock. Otherwise it is one of the most beautiful walks, and it will sit on the top of my list.

Day trip: 6 - 7 hours with lunch and snack breaks (loop track) + time commuting.

Difficulty: medium difficulty - pass is not marked or no pass, but navigation is pretty straight forward. Steep ascend - involves a bit of rock climbing / rock scrambling.

Starting point and finishing point: Nepean Lookout carpark

Track notes: Erskine Creek is part of Blue Labyrint at lower part of Blue Mountain. The best access is to drive from Glenbrook. From Glenbrook you will take Bruce Rd which merges into The Oaks Trail. Follow the Oaks and Nepean Lookout firetrail for 13.5km (38min) - google maps says, to carpark at junction of Nepean Lookout track and Jack Evans Track.

Nepean Lookout is definitely worst checking it - just about 10min walk from carpark. It offers amazing views of Nepean River. Then walk back to car park from where you start the Jack Evans Track which leads you all the way down to the creek.

Jack Evans Track is pretty straight forward going downhill track, with some awesome views of Erskine Creek.

When you reach bottom of the creek there is beautiful waterhole with a little pass going half way around. But you will follow the creek the other direction. We had a bit of lunch break as soon as we get to the creek, it's just amazing place to chill.

Then you start following the creek on (water on your left side) there is a bit of visible pass which you follow for maybe 45min once you reach big boulders and pass gets more rough, then it's time to cross the river to the other side. After crossing you will follow the creek for most of the time approximately another 2 hours when you reach kinda flat platform rocks - very easy to walk on. You stay on flats as long as you can before crossing the river to the other side. There you will be very close to another water pool, you can have a swim there if you like. Now with the water on you left side you keep following the pass along the pool until you reach like a T section, you take right turn and start heading uphill. It's a steeper walk on the pass. At some point you get to the cliff where you have to start climbing / scrambling up. No ropes needed. There are about five climbing sections. When you reach the top of Pisgah Rock, you will be awarded by beautiful view. From there just follow track which takes you back to the Nepean Lookout Firetrail and then walk back to you car for another 2km.

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