How difficult are your day hikes?

Our weekend hikes vary in difficulty. Most of our weekend hikes require some level of experience in terms of ability to ascend and descend slopes as well as being able to hike for approximately 6 hours. 

What types of equipment do I need for the weekend day hikes?

Proper hiking boots are necessary. These boots are generally "high ankle" cut which gives good stability and are "Goretex" water resistant. With regards to sizing, it is always better to choose a size which is slightly bigger for your feet. This is because for long hikes, your feet may swell slightly. Thick woollen socks are preferred. Ensure you try the boots on before purchasing online. A good back pack is also important. This should be at least 30L in size to hold spare clothes, food and plenty of drinking water. We also recommend to purchase a pair of hiking poles. Wet weather clothing, water bladder/bottle, basic first aid kit, sunscreen and insect repellant.

There are numerous hiking/camping shops you can visit in Sydney CBD to purchase these equipment. 

What types of equipment do I need for the overnight/multi-day hikes?

You will essentially need all the items listed for the day hikes as well as tents, sleeping bags, head torch and enough clothing. 

How do I join your day hikes?

Joining our hikes is easy! All you need to do is click on this link and register yourself via the Meetup page. In there, you can find our weekly schedule. 

I want to do the Everest Base Camp trip, how do I train for that?

If you live around St Peters/Newtown area, it is best to come by Primal NRG Fitness where Ray can discuss with you in person the best training program for you. Ray is a Personal Trainer with a holistic approach to functional training that takes into consideration individual needs. For persons away from Sydney's Innerwest, we now have an online training module which you can undertake remotely and train at your convenience. Weekend hikes form an essnetial part of the fitness and conditioning program. 

What is the best way to find out more about your international trips?

Best way is to visit us 17 May Street St Peters NSW 2044. We are located in the premise of Primal NRG Fitness gym. Both Ray and Iveta are present Mon-Sat mornings/afternoons/evenings for a chat to help you with any concerns you may have.