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Face to face 12 / 16 week training - trekking program


Your tailored program consists primarily of:


12 / 16  weeks of training and practical sessions

-  One on one PT session once/week

-  Group fitness classes - outdoor / indoor (Primal NRG Fitness)

-  Alternating weeks for full day hiking in a National Park

-  One multi day trekking session towards the end of your program. Additional multi day trekking can be organised at an additional cost.

Training program - what to expect


Here is what you can expect during your 12-16 week training program:


Your structured program will help you gradually develop your fitness and skills specific to high altitude trekking. Programs are customised to suit individual needs and fitness level.


During your first, mid and final weeks, your coach will assess your fitness level through benchmarking. Bench marking is very important as it allows you to track your progress over the weeks.


Every week, you will undertake a personal training session with your coach at Primal NRG Fitness. This hour long session will primarily consist of strength, endurance and mobility drills. You will ideally do 1-2 general class sessions to supplement your PT session.


Once a week, your coach will accompany you on an outdoor session, including fortnight day hikes at a National Park to condition your trekking fitness and strength.


Proper nutrition is crucial during your training stage. Proper nutrition provides you with the necessary nutrients to recover and to energise your body. Your coach will review your eating plan and help you make necessary changes.


During these 12-16 weeks, you will develop transferable skills in the areas of goal setting, accountability, discipline, teamwork, and consistency.

Important Notes:


 - You will need to ensure you have the following for your day hikes:

   Boots, small backpack, hat, sunglasses, appropriate clothing, sunscreen, lunch and snacks;

- Your coach will advise you on the items you require for your multi day trek;


- The program below is a guide only, your tailored program will be adjusted accordingly by your coach to best suit your needs;


- Classes include all classes on Primal NRG Fitness's time table, as recommended by coaches;


- One on One PT sessions are 1 hour and booked ahead with coaches. Missed sessions can be rescheduled depending on availability;


- Full day bush walks are within 3 hours drive/train from Sydney;


- Missed single / multi day trekking can be rescheduled depending on availabilities. 

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Book initial consultation and start the journey of your next trekking adventure today.

During your initial consultation, your coach will ask you several questions which will help in planning your customised program. These may include:


  • Your purpose for undertaking this challenge;

  • Your previous experiences;

  • Any limitations including medical concerns, time constraints, nutritional concerns;

  • Your current fitness and exercising regime;


This initial meeting will give you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need. It will also allow your coach to assess if you are ready to start training for your adventure.


Your coach will also discuss important matters relating to safety during your structured training, essential equipment, including footwear, clothing and accessories, and tips to help you prepare for your adventure.


To book your consultation - please take a few minutes to fill in this questionnaire form under the "Start Now" button. It will help us to understand your needs and prepare for your initial consultation. Thank you.

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Online - Distance Training Programs


More info and training program sample coming soon! Watch this space!

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