Project Fit Trekker in Nepal Manaslu Circuit
Aconcagua Expedition Camp 1 - Ray's enjoying his cup of coffee.

Enjoying a cuppa somewhere in the high camp of Mt Aconcagua (Argentina, February 2017)



I consider myself very fortunate to be able make a living through combining two of my passions; fitness and the natural environment.


My purpose is to inspire and teach others how to adopt and sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. With proper guidance and encouragement , I believe everyone can improve their quality of living. I do this through my fitness business - Primal NRG Fitness, located in St Peters, Sydney.


My values are grounded on wanting to own less, to always experience more and to create a positive presence as much as I can, where ever I am.


I admire the qualities of determination, honesty, discipline, kindness, and fearlessness in others.


I was born in Singapore and wanted to be a vet when I was a child. I graduated from the University of NSW in Physical Geography and Environmental Management. Very unlikely for someone raised in the concrete jungles of Singapore!


I have trekked in The Himalayas, Central Asia, North and South America. My most recent trip was to explore the Baltora Glacier in Northern Pakistan. I will be trekking in Tanzania in January 2020. 

Through Project Fit Trekker, I hope to inspire others to enjoy and bring awareness to preserving our natural environment.

Summit of Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Reaching the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro - Uhuru Peak

(Tanzania, January 2016)



Ten years ago, I packed my life in one big backpack and moved to the other side of the world to Australia. Giving up an office life as an accountant, I came to Sydney to study three Diplomas in Fitness, Sports and Remedial massage.


A few years later, I set up my own massage business and started helping people to manage their aches and pains and to improve their quality of life and wellbeing. I found this far more rewarding.


Growing up in the village in Czech Republic, I was always close to nature and outdoor activities. My passion for the great outdoors intensified when I discovered the beauty of the big Himalayan mountains. It changed my values and perception of life. Here I am now, to help you experience this change and to start a new challenging life’s journey.


My trekking achievements included - Everest Base Camp (Nepal and Tibet), Mt Kailash kora (Tibet), Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Aconcagua (Argentina), Manaslu and Annapurna circuit with Mt Chulu West attempt (Nepal). And just recently I successfully summited Peak Lenin 7,134m (Kyrgyzstan). At the moment I am starting preparation for upcoming Nepal Himalaya trekking trip and Karakorum K2 Base Camp (Pakistan) later in 2019.