Mermaid Pools & Tahmoor Gorge

Day Trip: 3 - 4hours + time spent commuting

Difficulty: Good variety of terrain, moderate difficulty, looks like there's been lots of maintenance done recently especially around Tahmoor canyon, track is relatively easy to follow and well marked as well. Distance 10km loop. 300m total elevation gain.

Starting point: Rockford Road Bridge

Finishing point: Rockford Road Bridge

Track notes:

Mermaid Pools is a beautiful natural water hole on the Bargo River at the start of Tahmoor Gorge. This walk can be done as circuit track. In the morning we met rest of our hiking team at parking area next to the Rockford Road Bridge. Good to see a few new members join us for this walk as well as some regulars. We started our walk from Rockford Rd Bridge following Bargo River. It get a bit confusing right on the beginning because it looks like you need to cross the river under the bridge, but NOT. Stay on the same side and follow the stream. There are number of small pools on the way suitable for swimming, some of them has ropes to swing/jump into the water. It take about 30min walk to reach the main "Mermaid Pool". This place is absolutely stunning. Good spot to stop and chill or go for a swim. People jump from the cliffs into the pool. (there is a rope to climb back up). We didn't.

After a little break at Mermaid Pool we joined the cliff top path and started the Tahmoor Gorge loop. On the way there is this view point where you can see Mermaid Pool from distance with the upper river stream and waterfall. Priceless view.

Just after the lookout we reached junction with registration box - you can put your name down there. We took the right turn (but you could go the other way round as well), path goes through the forest and then it descents down into the canyon. It looked like there was quite a bit of maintenance done on the track since last time we visited here last year. Lots of blue ribbons marking the way, some steps were repaired and path cleaned from brunches and leafs.

When we descended down we found good spot along the river for lunch break and stayed there for a bit to enjoy the scenery. Walking through the creek is pretty straight forward, lots of small pools and waterfalls surrounded by big cliff walls. Assuming this river part walk is about 2.5km long then it climbs back up and merges at the registration box.

On the way back to the car park you can take same way following the river or you can walk at the top of the cliff through forest just for change, either way it takes you back to car park.

Right at the car park there is another swimming hole if you looking for bit of variety.

This walk is also dogs friendly as it's not a national park. We met lots of people there with their fluffy friends. Strava link:

more info about the track:

Mermaid Pool

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