About us


Set yourself a life changing challenge and journey toward amazing destinations with greater strength resilience and confidence.

Project Fit Trekker specialises in helping you prepare, travel and trek to beautiful nature based destinations.

Through your customised program, our team will help you developed the necessary fitness and skills to cope with the specific demands of trekking.

Project Fit Trekker fitness coaches are experienced in high altitude trekking, having successfully trekked and summited 6000m+ mountains in the regions of the Himalayas, South America and Africa. This experience mean that your coach will be able to design programs to best suit you from a high altitude trekker’s perspective.

Train & Trek


You will undertake progressive weekly face to face fitness sessions with your coach. These sessions are designed to accommodate various fitness levels. Beginners and persons with little trekking experiences are most welcome. 

Your 12-16 week customised program is designed to help you improve your strength, stamina and specific conditioning to ensure you have the best chance to complete your trekking adventure. You will develop the necessary fitness, conditioning and skills to tackle your high altitude adventure.


Your program is progressive, meaning you start at a base level and gradually increase the level of difficulty as you improve.


Programming includes various benchmarking measurements, nutrition guidance and outdoor activities including full day bush walks.

Choose your next adventure


Project Fit Trekker has partnered with a Nepalese local trekking company which will undertake the travel and trekking part of your adventure.


During your travel and trekking journey, your coach will accompany you the entire way, from Kathmandu, to Base Camp and return.


This means that your coach will be able to motivate and encourage you along the way, when the going gets tough.


Professional quality photographs and videos on digital formats are available to capture your once in a lifetime adventure.


Check out Our Programs to see our available destinations and travel dates.


Our Story


When you are trekking in the mountains, you have plenty of time to think, which sometimes lead to practical ideas.


Project Fit Trekker was created from one such idea. During our trip to Nepal, whilst trekking through the high mountains, we met a diversity of trekkers on the way, various ages and level of fitness.


The idea came about that there are many people who would love to experience adventure of a similar kind, however, they might not be confident enough to start on this journey.


Project Fit Trekker’s purpose is to help people achieve the fitness and confidence to embark on their dream journey trekking into the high mountains. We want to inspire and will get you ready to experience the journey of a lifetime.

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