Corang Arch / Mt Cole / Corang Cascades (Morton NP) 3 days camping

Corang Arch - Morton NP

Corang Arch is impressive sandstone formation in Morton NP / Budawangs. Visiting just the arch can be done as a one day trip or if enough time loop along the Corang river. Number of camping areas along the way.

3 Day Trip - camping Wog Wog and Canowie Brook campsite

Difficulty: moderate difficulty, some areas are overgrown, GPS recommended.Track is not marked. Total distance covered in 3 days - 45km and 1350m total elevation gain.

Starting point: Wog Wog campground

Finishing point: Wog Wog campground

Track notes:

DAY 1 - FRIDAY - Meeting everyone (Alice, Roy, Adriaan, Ray and Iveta) at Wog Wog Campground for overnight stay before we started our hike following morning.

LOT 107 Charleys Forest Rd, Wog Wog NSW 2622

Arriving after dark on Friday night, it took us a bit longer to drive from Sydney than we expected, especially after stopping at Berry for donuts and coffee. After arrival we set up our tents, cooked dinner and helped Alice to finish bottle of wine before we went to sleep. Wog wog camp site is drive in camp site, and we spent just first night here. There are toilets, but NOT water supply or electricity. So we suggested everyone to bring enough water for cooking that night & following morning + water for whole day bush walk (8-10l recommended). More info about wog wog camp site DAY 2 - SATURDAY - It started raining during the night and didn't stop until 6am. Our tents got flooded sitting in big puddles of water. After breakfast we packed up our wet tents and all camping gear and took off to spend next 3 days in the bush. We started our walk on Wog Wog walking track which leads to Corang arch and further towards Mt Cole. Weather cleared up and it was actually very pleasant temperature for hiking. On the way we hiked up Corang Peak, but because of the clouds we couldn't enjoy much of the view which it would normally offered. After about 4 hr of walking we reached Corang Arch. Corang Arch is a pretty impressive sandstone rock arch. We spent some time there to explore around the arch, took lots of picture and had a lunch. From Corang Arch path descends down to the valley and decided to set up our tents at Canowie Brook camp site which is just really short walk from Corang Arch. We arrived at camp site around 2:30pm and decided to relax for the rest of the day, cook some meals (collect water from from Canowie Brook Creek) and enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. Lucky we arrive early, because lots other people started arriving and looking for place to put their tents. (busy long weekend). Another option for camping is Burrumbeet Brook Cave camp site - about extra 45min of walking.

Distance walking 12km

Elevation gain 340m

Strava link:

DAY 3 - SUNDAY - Enjoyed good sleep. Cooked breakfast on our gas stoves, tea and coffee. Another member of our bushwalking group John arrived to join us that morning. We decided to leave our tents where they are and spend a day exploring further (carrying just light daypacks) on Wog Wog Walking track and hike toward to Mt Cole and check out camping caves / overhangs there, for future reference if one day we come back and would like to stay there.

From Canowie Brook Camp site we followed Wog Wog walking track across the valley. We passed Burrumbeet Brook camp site, noticing other people camping there. (this camp site has toilet). We stopped at Yurnda Lookout - it was extremely windy at the top, but the view of Pigeon House Mountain in distance was worth the effort. Back at Wog Wog Track, passing small camp site at Corang river (just before turn off to Mount Tarn Walking track - that would be another option for exploring) and descending in the valley before started climbing back up to reach the base of Mt Cole. Mt Cole offers a few caves / overhangs suitable for camping. There is a water supply from Trawalla Falls. Immediately I wish we could spend night here, what a beautiful place. Well, we just stopped for late lunch, spent about an hour and retraced our steps back to Canowie Brook camp. On the way back we stopped at Burrumbeet Brook check out the camping caves there before returning to our camp site.

Distance walking 20km

Elevation gain 700m

Strava link:

DAY 4 - MONDAY - after breakfast (or whatever food was still left over) we packed our tents and everything and started our final hike back to Wog Wog Campground. From Canowie Brook campsite we followed the track along Canowie Brook stream which merges into Corang River. It's a truly beautiful path along the river view to big waterfall at Rock Ribs. After about 2hr of walking we reached Corang Cascades and its campground. John decided to stay there extra night. We stopped there for lunch, swim and bit of exploring of the river cascades and lagoon. From Corang Lagoon it takes another 2 and half hours to reach Wog Wog carpark. Around 2:30pm we were back at carpark ready to drive back to Sydney, arriving just before 8pm because of really bad traffic.

Distance walking 12km

Elevation gain 330m

Strava link:

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