Kangaroo Creek - from Waterfall to Heathcote - Royal NP

Medium difficulty day bush walk. Some really nice spots on the way, but also lots of bush scrambling.

Day trip: 5 - 6 hours one way + time commuting

Difficulty: medium difficulty, not much elevation, but terrain with lots of bush, path is not marked.

Starting point: Waterfall train station

Finishing point: Heathcote train station

Track Notes: taking train from Central Sydney - (Illawarra line) to Waterfall. The walking trail starts immediately next to the train station. You join "Uloola Falls Trail" but after just very few meters there is left turn - path is not marked - to Kangaroo Creek Track. Terrain is mostly flat with hardly any elevation. Beginning of the track is just narrow path with not much view until you reach the creek. Then the place opens up little bit more, and you follow the creek all the way to Karloo Pool - it takes around 5 hours with some short breaks for lunch and snacks. Some parts are very bushy and path is hard to find, but you can't really get lost as long as you follow the creek. Some beautiful pools on the way. Good escape from people if you don't like crowds.

Once you reach Karloo Pool you will join Karloo Track to get back to Heatcote. This part of the path is very well marked and easy to walk, first bit is uphill, but not difficult. Takes around 45min to get back to the train station.

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