Mt Victoria - Ikara Head and Asgard Swamp Track

Sunday afternoon easy bush walk. Cruisey 5,5 hr walk, with some beautiful views. Start off Victoria Falls Rd (Mt Victoria, Blue Mountains)

Day Trip: 5 hours return + time spent commuting

Difficulty: Easy, minimum elevation

Starting / Finishing point - Victoria Falls Rd

Track notes: Driving from Sydney to Mt Victoria (Blue Mountains). Just before Mt Victoria town right turn to Victoria Fall Rd (gravel road). Keep going for about 4km. Ikara Head Track is not really marked with any signage, so you just have to find the pass. Easy flat walking pass - one way track - takes about 1hr to the end. On the way you can make short side walk (10min one way) to Girraween Cave - more like overhanging cliff then cave.

After finishing Ikara Head, continue on Victoria Fall Rd for another 300m to Asgard Swamp Track - there is a signage - wide pass more like fire trail. Toward the end Asgard Track branches into 3 different sites - Thor Head lookout, Asgard Mine and Asgard Head lookout (we didn't have time to visit this one). Thor Head offers beautiful views of the valley and surrounding cliffs. Asgard Mine is steep descent, pass is a bit bushy. On the end you can find and explore mining tunnel (good to bring a torch).

This trip could be combine as walking / mountainbiking trip. You could also take a train from Sydney to Mt.Victoria and ride a bike on Victoria Falls Rd and even continue on Asgard Swamp Track.

More info can be found:

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